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Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to all printing production of Kangaroo group, a.s. (the “Supplier”). The Supplier guarantees the quality, price and date of delivery in line with terms stipulated in the Contract for Work (the “Order”).

Order Receipt

  1. Upon receiving the Customer’s inquiry the Supplier submits a price offer. Once the offer has been approved by the Customer, a business relationship is established between the Customer and the Supplier.
  2. By confirming the Order (by e-mail, fax, telephone) the Customer certifies that he has become acquainted with the General Conditions of the Supplier.
  3. Before commencing the production but no later than at the time of submitting materials to production the Customer will submit an Order which will contain the following details:
    • name and address of the Customer
    • delivery address if it is different from the Customer’s address
    • Company identification no., VAT identification no.
    • description of ordered work
    • specification of the requested print materials
    • required date of delivery
    • name and contact details of a person responsible for cooperating with the printing company
    • print materials if they are not prepared by the Supplier
  4. The Customer will submit materials for the work implementation on a day that has been agreed in advance. The submission of such materials is subject to the Technical Conditions for Submitting Print Materials.

Term of Delivery

  1. The Supplier delivers goods in person, via the DPD shipping service, TOPTRANS shipping service, Czech Post or the Customer can collect goods from the plant in person. If the Supplier sends goods via a shipping service, he charges this service according to the service price list (DHL, DPD), if it is not agreed otherwise.
  2. The regular term of delivery is 5 – 10 days.

Payment Conditions

  1. The price of the work specified in the Order is binding for both contractual parties. The price does not include VAT which will be specified in the contract as a separate item. In case of payment on delivery the shipping charges are added according to the DHL, DPD price list.
  2. Before the production of the first order or an order whose total value exceeds EUR 350.00 the Supplier has the right to request an advance payment of up to 50% of the agreed price including VAT for the material and printing work.
  3. In case of payment by bank transfer the regular maturity period is 14 days.
  4. If the Customer is at default, the Supplier has the right to charge an interest of 0.1% of the invoiced amount for each day of default. In case of longer default the Supplier has the right to charge an interest of 0.3% of the invoiced amount for each day starting on the first day of default.
  5. Possible methods of payment:
    • Payment by bank transfer to account
      IBAN: CZ72 2010 0000 0022 0045 0777

Withdrawal from Order

  1. The Customer will inform the Supplier about a withdrawal from the order.
  2. If the Customer does not react to any communication concerning the order for a period exceeding 20 days, this will be deemed as the Customer’s withdrawal from the order.
  3. Upon withdrawing from an order the Customer is obliged to reimburse the costs which the Supplier incurred from the time of order production commencement until the time of withdrawal from the order.

Conditions for Claims

  1. The Customer, upon approving the graphic design of the order, grants his consent with the printing (in person, on the telephone, by e-mail).
  2. The Customer or a person authorised by the Customer takes over the completed order and confirms the takeover by signing a delivery note of which the Customer keeps an original and the Supplier keeps a copy.
  3. The Supplier provides a quality guarantee on the supplied goods provided that the guarantee period on consumption material is 30 days in case of evident defects and at least 1 year in case of other defects.
  4. The Supplier will not be held liable for errors and defects which the Customer omitted in the supplied files or other materials which were used for the print. If there are errors in the submitted materials, the Customer is obliged to correct these immediately.
  5. The Supplier will not be held liable for the following defects:
    1. defects in goods consisting in minor deviations in colour, format or quality that do not rule out the use of the goods for their usual purposes
    2. defects caused by unprofessional handling, inadequate storage, unprofessional use, mechanical or chemical damage, without regard whether these defects were caused by the Customer or a third person
    3. defects caused as a result of force majeure
  6. Upon taking over the completed order or its part the Customer or a person authorised by the Customer is obliged to carry out a thorough inspection of the order making sure that its parametres comply with the agreed conditions and quality and checking whether the goods have been produced as agreed in the contract. In the event that the Customer identifies any defects in the work, he is obliged to inform the Supplier about this immediately (by registered letter, fax, e-mail).
  7. Low quality of production material can be reflected in the quality of the final product to a reasonable extent. Such defects are not considered as low quality production.


  1. The timely and proper delivery of the work depends on the timely meeting of the Customer’s obligations and his cooperation on the delivery of the work. This includes the Customer’s obligation to submit the agreed materials to the Supplier in due time.
  2. The Supplier is not at default in meeting his obligations if such default is caused by the Customer’s failure to provide the necessary cooperation or to submit the materials.

Other Provisions

  1. The Supplier is obliged to inform the Customer without undue delay of any unforeseeable objective obstacles that prevent the delivery of the work within the agreed period of time (force majeure). In such case the parties will agree a new delivery date immediately or terminate the contract.
  2. It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that the submitted materials do not breach the copyright in any way and that they do not breach any personal, property or any other rights of third parties and that they are not materials the publishing of which would present a breach of law prohibiting, for example, the supporting and promoting of movements aiming at suppressing the rights and freedoms of people. The Supplier will not be held liable for the content of the printed materials.

Personal Data Protection

  1. Any handling of personal data is subject to Act 101/2000 on the protection of personal data.
  2. The Supplier is the sole owner of information obtained through the Order Form available at the Supplier’s website. This information will not be sold, leased or otherwise shared with other persons with the exception of shipping companies which use it exclusively for the purpose of delivering goods ordered by the Customer.

Last update: 1 November 2014


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